About Us

Clockwork Creative are very good at stories. We are experts in narrative visual storytelling — from feature-length documentary to 15-second snippets for social sharing. Our projects run like clockwork if clocks were known for working with intelligence, sensitivity, flexibility, and open communication. Having a multi-skilled creative director, experienced core crew, and access to specialist support makes us adaptable. Our network includes friends and colleagues who happen to be some of the industry’s best technicians and practitioners. We work and deliver to the size, schedule and ambition of our clients. We believe compromise and collaboration are important parts of a creative process. But we don’t compromise on quality. Whether local or global, boutique or big budget, stories crafted by Clockwork are striking in their visual and emotional detail. Before and during filming, our crew is known for working with people to get the best out of them. We listen to clients carefully and incorporate feedback to deliver quality. Clockwork is equipped with the latest tech to give your project the professional treatment it deserves — being able to deliver on all platforms from cinema to billboards, social media snippets or GIFs. We care about the impact of our work, and we like building visibility for brands and organisations who care about the impact of theirs. 


Visual storytelling & creative production, like clockwork.

Depending on the goal and budget of your project, we can work with you through the entire production process, from developing a concept to delivering finished media. Sometimes our clients prefer to lead particular stages of a project, or work with existing partners — calling us in to focus on specific parts of production. We enjoy collaboration, and we’re happy to work in this way when required.


Video Production & Storytelling

Video production & story telling - We can consult, plan, storyboard, script, schedule, shoot, edit, and package your stories.


Behind-The-Scenes & EPK For Film & TV

Behind-the-scenes and film EPK — from NZ shorts to international blockbusters, we can provide on-set crew, conduct cast and crew interviews, produce, and complete post-production for featurettes and social media.


Steve Unwin led Weta Workshop Media Production Department from 2006 until early 2018. During that time the team created content and publicity stills for the promotion and publicity of numerous international feature films. The behind-the-scenes and EPK content above was produced, shot and edited by the team in the Media Production Department. Steve Unwin, Bridget Lyon, Chris Williamson, and Amanda Mulderry, now members of the Clockwork Creative collective, played a major part in helping create these projects while working in the Weta Workshop Media Production Department as independent contractors.

Visual Content For Digital & Social Platforms

Visual content for digital & social platforms - We can consult, plan, write, script, shoot, edit, and package content in the best formats for all social media platforms.



Photography - We consult, plan, schedule, shoot, edit and package your images. From highly produced campaign images, on set production stills, to documentary-style social media images.



Documentary - We can consult, plan, storyboard, script, schedule, shoot, edit, and package documentary film.

Providing Professional Film & TV Crews
Professional film and TV crews — from camera department to production, to wardrobe and makeup, we can assemble full crews for your project. 
  • DOPs & camera operators
  • Photographers
  • Sound Recordists
  • Directors
  • Production crew
  • Art department
  • Costume
  • Makeup Artists
  • Editors
  • Post production audio
  • Picture grade & retouching
  • Motion graphics & 3D
  • And more..